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10 Quick Access and Shortcut to Powepoint 2010

  1. Open Powerpoint fast
     • Press Windows Key+R, type winword then press enter

  2. Use template
    • On the file tab, click New, and the under templates choose template

  3. Make a slide from a bullet
    • On the left above the slide thumbnaiks, click the outline tab
    • Select the text you want on its own slide
    • Press Shift + Tab

  4. Crop a picture to shape
    • Select the pictures that you want to crop to a specific shape
    • Under the picture tools on the format tab, in the Size group, click the arrow under crop
    • Click crop to shape an then click the shape you want to crop to

  5. Zoom with your mouse
    • If your mouse has a wheel, hold down the ctrl key, and then rotate the wheel forward to zoom in. Rotate the wheel backward to room out

  6. Reuse slide from another presentation
    • Open the presentation that you want to add a slide to
    • In the Pane that contain the outline and the slide tabs, clcik slide and click where you want to add a slide.
    • On the Home tab, in the slide group, click the arrow below new slide, and then select Reuse slide
    • In the reuse slide pane, click open a Powerpoint file
    • In the browse dialogue box, locate and click presentation file that contain the slide that you want, and then click open.
    Tips in this Reuse slide pane; Powerpoint display thumbnails of the slides from presentation file that you selected. Rest the ponter on the thumbnails to see a larger version of the slide’s content
    In the Reuse Slide pane, do one of the following;
    • To add a single slide, click the slide
    • To add all of the slides, right click any slides, and then select Insert All slides
    If you want the slide that you are adding to the destination presentations to maintain the formatting of the original presentation, select the Keep source formatting check box before you add the slide to the destination presentation.
    • To add a single slide, click the slide
    • To add all of the slides, right click any slides, and then select Insert All slides on the shortcut menu

  7. Slide Sorter view
    • In the lower-right corner of the screen, press the slide Shorter button.

  8. Insert a screenshot or screen clipping
    1. Click the slide you want to add the screen shot to.
    2. On the Insert tab, in the Images group, click Screenshot
    3. Do one of the following;
        • To add the whole window, click the thumbnails in the Available Windows gallery.
        • Click Screen Clipping, and when the pointer becomes a cross, press an hold the left mouse button to select the area of the screen that you want to capture.

  9. Show the Hidden Button
    • Press Ctrl + F1

  10. Use the Quick Access Toolbar
    • Right click a button, and then click add to Quick Access Toolbar

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